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Our subscribers want to hear from you. They really do!

  • The newsletter

  • SalsaDeals is a newsletter service that’s all about discounts on salsa events, lessons, and products. We send one newsletter per month containing a single offer - nothing more. We deliver the offer to an audience who loves salsa and wants to buy. This single-offer model focuses the readers attention on your brand.

  • High value readers

  • SalsaDeals subscribers are double opt-in. That means our readers  want salsa products and really want to hear from you.

  • What you’ll get

    • An email to subscribers about your product.

    • Your product will be featured on the SalsaDeals website for one month.

    • Your product will be featured on the SalsaDeals Facebook page.

    • A follow up email reminding subscribers of the expiring offer.

    • A report on how well your offer performed.

    • Your company will be listed on for a full year.

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Opt-In Newsletter Media Kit 2014

Do you want to target a specific audience with a great offer?

  • Your name

  • Your company name will be clearly associated with the value you're offering.

  • Flexible offers

  • Offer a general coupon, single-use coupon, or some other discount.

  • Your brand and value proposition

  • Your logo will be featured along with an area to describe your company’s value.

  • Social sharing

  • Your offer can be shared, even if it’s a single-use coupon. When someone signs up during your offer period, they'll instantly receive your current offer.

  • Mobile friendly

  • Our subscribers use mobile devices 40% of the time. We’re completely mobile friendly so you won’t lose a valuable customer.

  • We’re not a “Groupon”

  • Our subscribers are passionate about dance. They’ve asked (twice!) for your products, so they're genuinely interested in your offer. Plus, we only work with companies offering dance products.

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